Kristan Marvell

My primary practice has been sculpture- inspired by the cathedrals of the natural world, the mountains, giant trees and astonishing rock formations. I have explored techniques that are both considered and spontaneous to compose non-repeatable gestures, much in the same way the world is sculpted by wind, time and water. Over the past decade I have also been experimenting with projecting colored lights onto my three dimensional sculptures, intrigued by the interplay of the bright, unnatural colors and organic textures.

More recently my journey has led me to create an ongoing photographic series called “Paint the World.” Coming full circle with these images, I am stepping outside of the studio and into a more direct relationship with the natural world, my forever muse. By projecting a dramatic array of colorful lights onto landscapes familiar to me, I am able to reveal the dynamics of nature in a way that is unexplored through night photography and reveals powerful imagery in a unique way. I’m given chance to document my mark on nature, while leaving no trace behind.